About a year ago we decided to experiment with the otherwise left behind practices of XP. We had the CICD pipeline in place but our change lead time was in hours. We practiced unit testing religiously but the deployments sometimes had defects and were reverted. We had daily scrums but somehow it felt like the team was working in silos due to too many work in progress items. We had sonar and other code standard measuring tools in place but nitpicking in PRs didn't seem effective enough unless the person reviewing the code was given the context. So we decided…

How the Care Engineering team revolutionised the way customer disputes are resolved. This is just the beginning of our journey to simplify the lives of our customers, captains and colleagues.

At Careem, our Care agents resolve thousands of interactions everyday. These interactions involve over 100+ different contact reasons. A customer (here customer refers to a user — a captain, customer or a merchant) can contact us pre, post or in ride and naturally, each of these contact reasons has a different resolution. …

Mohammad Urwah

Software Engineer @ Careem

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